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Best mobile games you can play in real life / Други

автор - kalin, 8:08 09.02.2017


We all love our mobile games and the amount of people getting addicted to mobile gaming is increasing every year. But, wouldn’t it be great if we could play some of our favourite games in real life? If that’s something you’ve been wanting, too, here are some brilliant ways of playing your favourite digital games in the real world:

Escape The Room

Escape The Room games have always been incredibly addictive and puzzle solving pros can’t get enough of them, which is why so many people have done their best to bring these games to life. You can play an Escape Room live game in Norwich with Escape Reality. Here you and a few friends will be locked in a room and given a set time to solve a series of puzzles and escape. You can choose the difficulty of your game and the theme. Each type of Escape Room has its own back story and style which can range from a prison escape to a zombie apocalypse. These games are tense, challenging and fun for everyone.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds has been one of the most beloved and famous mobile and tablet games for years and some inventive people have found ways to play the game in real life. One way to create the game in real life is with chalk and water balloons. This version of the game is great to play with kids and parties and you can turn it into a competition. On a wall or a sturdy chalkboard, two players draw a castle and ten pigs in chalk. The aim of the game is for the players to wash away the pigs and castle that the other player drew using water balloons. To make the game extra challenging you can give them a set amount of water balloons in different sizes to represent the different types of birds.

If you want to go a step further, you can actually build an Angry Birds garden game set using a Garden Jenga set (or some pieces of wood you cut yourself, which would probably be cheaper) and some tennis balls (or any kind of lightweight game balls). Your kids can build castles from the wooden blocks and knock them down with the balls. It’s great fun and a craft lover could very easily make the pieces themselves.


Chess, as most people know it, can be played on a board or on a gadget, but did you know that live action chess exists? In Italy in the town of Marostica, people from all over the world come together twice a year to witness the chess match of a lifetime. In 1454, two noble Italian knights played a game of chess to compete for the love of a woman, but they used living people as pieces. So, every year, the town recreate this event with a crew of over 500 people playing on a huge chess board. The cast are all donned in medieval garb, ride real horses and carry real weapons while two chess playing knights command them across the board. The event includes all kinds of performances like fire displays, dancers, ancient music, and flag performers. Over the years the performers have been urged to travel the world and there might be a chance to see them in your home country. But, until then, you can watch the game in Italy or you could help out the locals who put it together. You’ll never see chess the same way after you’ve seen this spectacular game.

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